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Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

Many women (whether pregnant or not) make their first chiropractic appointment because they are experiencing back pain, morning sickness, pubis pain, heart burn, or headaches, however, are pleased to find specialized chiropractic care is helpful for more than the immediate pain symptoms.

You should also consult Dr. Popp if you are experiencing issues such as: incontinence, abdominal/pelvic scaring or adhesion pain, constipation, endometriosis, pain during intercourse, prolapse, bladder pain, pelvic instability, etc.

Chiropractic care before, throughout, and after pregnancy helps create a solid foundation for wellness. The nerve system controls everything including the development of your baby. By employing time tested techniques to free the body's system of subluxations, the chiropractor is one of the puzzle pieces needed for your body to function to its fullest potential.

Dr Popp is a firm believer in the statement made by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association which says: "It is important to realize chiropractic is not the treatment of any condition. The purpose of chiropractic is to find and reduce stress and interference to the nerve system, allowing the person to experience greater function and an overall improved quality of life."

It is very exciting to see how the body's own healing power is unleashed with chiropractic care. Ongoing research shows the efficacy of chiropractic care for babies, children, and pregnant women. You can read this research by visiting Some of the research paper topics include:

Abdominal Pain, Acid Reflux, ADD/ADHD, Asthma, Autism, Bed Wetting, Bell's Palsy, Birth Trauma, Blood Pressure, Brain Function, Breastfeeding, Breech Birth, Cerebral Palsy, Chiropractic Safety, Colic, Crib Death, Ear Infections, Epilepsy, Erb's Palsy, Growing Pains, Headaches, Infertility, Immune Function, Neck Pain, Pregnancy and Adjustments, Scoliosis, Sleep Disorders, Spinal Health, Thyroid, TMJ Syndrome, Tonsillitis, Torticollis,  Webster Technique.

Our adjusting tables allow comfort at any stage of your pregnancy.

Chiropractic care is about keeping your nerve system functioning at its fullest potential. By keeping the nerve system working properly our families report better nursing babies, easier teething, no colic, no growing pains, less colds and coughs, and quick recovery from ear infections if they get them at all.

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